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About Center for Alternate Energy Research



University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), an ISO 9001-2008 certified world class institution, is dedicated to develop super specialized professional managers and engineers, highly in demand, ready to deploy across the energy sector. With an industry based curriculum which supports a world-class delivery infrastructure, UPES has set path-breaking benchmarks in the field of energy education and training in Asia. UPES is the only University in the Pan Asian Region, whose courses in the energy sector, are accredited by the Energy Institute U.K. UPES has been bestowed the Get Energy Award under the category “Education/Training provider of the year 2008” in London. UPES is a UGC recognized and DSIR approved University.

Need for Setting up of Center for Alternate Energy Research

India’s rapid economic growth in the recent years has resulted in steep increase in demand for energy. With over a billion people, India’s energy demand ranks sixth in the world. Its economy is projected to grow 8%-10% over the next few decades, leading to a substantial increase in demand for energy in general and petroleum products in particular.

India is relatively poor in oil and gas resources. Its oil reserves amount to 5.9 billion barrels, (0.5% of global reserves). It imports approximately 77% of its oil which is projected to reach almost 92% by 2020. The high crude oil imports may have severe adverse impact on the economy and balance of payment situation.

It is therefore imperative that India focuses on the development of with increasing & accelerated use of alternative energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels/conventional energy and growing importance of alternate energy. Center for Alternate Energy Research is an endeavor to actively promote New and Renewable Energy, seeking to achieve ‘breakthroughs' in cutting edge technologies in this area through research and development under the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. The core areas of research include Bio-fuels, Bio-energy, Solar, Wind energy, Hydrogen &Fuel Cell and New Technology etc. CAER is a R&D Institution recognized by Department Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India.

CAER’s Vision:To become a recognized and respected global institution dedicated to alternate energy and providing national leadership with focus on sustainable development”. We are here to serve our energy starved nation with innovative solutions for creating a sustainable environment.


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