Center for Alternate Energy Research      

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Scope of Services Provided by CAER


  • Information Provider - from data bank, resources and knowledge base on Renewable and Alternate Energy.

  • Solution provider - for innovative and practical solutions including advisory and consultancy services to the Indian energy sector with focus on alternative energy

  • Policy Planning, creating Regulatory framework, Formulating Road maps and Strategy - by providing data support and analysis to policy makers and Government agencies with focus on Policy Advocacy in Renewable and Alternate Energy and undertaking in-depth studies for the Governments and other stakeholders.

  • Standards, Specifications and Quality Assurance & Control  Study, examine and advice the relevance of standards, specifications and various aspects of quality.

  • Economic & Financial Analysis and Evaluation of various programs, projects & technologies in alternate energy, its likely life cycle, risk evaluation, management and financial viability.

  • Technical Analysis, and Feasibility - of programs, projects & technologies in the area of alternate energy and mapping of existing and emerging technologies

  • Pre-feasibility - Preliminary assessment of the technical and economic viability of a proposed alternate energy project

  • Project Report/Feasibility Study - prepared for assessing its technical feasibility, commercial viability and achieving financial closure before implementation of the project starts to ascertain the likelihood of its success. It could be undertaken in a comprehensive manner or in parts including economic, technical or organizational feasibilities etc.

  • Implementation & Monitoring of Program & Projects continuous monitoring and vigilance of progress of a project including planning, scheduling and proper implementation

  • Green House Gases, Climate Change, Clean Development (CDM) and Sustainable Development issues and opportunities related to alternate energy & renewable energy will be assessed for programs, projects and technologies to enhance their viability & mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

  • Collaborative Research and Development with Industry and other R&D & academic institutions.


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